You already know how you want your exhibit to look. You know how you want it to function and you know what interactive features it needs to engage your audience.

Now, let us make that vision a reality.


Our design process starts from the first conversation and doesn’t stop until you sign off on the final renderings. Nothing is too far-fetched, as your project will be in the hands of accomplished designers who command a variety of skill sets.

Above all, our designs become more that just booths at a show. They are vehicles that allow you to visually portray who you really are and what your company is about. Some of our best ideas come from working with our clients, so we make sure you’re involved every step of the way, giving us a strong understanding of your industry.

We build our exhibits to not only look good, but to incorporate your company’s message in a complete visual experience that relates to your audience. Our designs accommodate an optimal flow of foot traffic based on your booth’s position on the trade show floor and the amenities you want to include.

Technology is a growing part of the industry, and our designs are fully capable of including the latest interactive tech. From flat screen TVs to tablet workstations, we create an environment that allows for full usage of those technological features without hindering the flow of traffic, giving you a solution that’s cool and functional.